Hello World!

My goal is simple: Make this blog a journal for power users that are venturing into Microsoft’s newest frontier… Visual Studio LightSwitch.

What is LightSwitch?
It is Microsoft’s newest development environment. Don’t let “Visual Studio” scare you. It is designed for those who understand the basic concepts of data and software development, but it doesn’t require serious skills. The vision is to bring rapid application development to business users. If you can get through Microsoft Access, you can use LightSwitch.

Who Am I?
I am product manager who has been involved in software since the late 90’s.  I am not a software developer, but I understand software. Basically, I am the target market. Oh, and I am in charge of ComponentOne’s LightSwitch product line, so please excuse the shameless plugs.

My Goal… Explained.
I see the development world with a  unique eye. I work with, and have worked with, many brilliant software engineers, but I am not a coder myself. I fully understand business needs and have basic software development skills. Because of this, I am a poster child for LightSwitch.I plan to log my experiences, revelations, and other musings here so other regular guys like me share ideas. Hopefully, you will learn something from me. I know I will learn something from you.

I have used “I” 16 times in this post. I (17 now) promise I (18) will not talk about myself this much in the posts to come 😉

So, happy developing!


2 thoughts on “Hello World!

  1. Daniel Brunelli says:

    Hey! Nice Initiative! I am getting on the Lightswicth world also and have kinda the same profile as you 🙂 .. Product guy, always involved on SW Projects but no code focused.

    Wish all the best for the blog.. RSSed!


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