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Open Question to the Community About Dependency

I am going to show by green skin here, but that is what this blog is all about…

I am working on a project management application where all task would be stored in one table. These tasks have a status field. The status field had a pick list (waiting, in progress, complete). Some tasks depend on the completion of other tasks (zero or one to many relationship in a single table). If a an item has a child item, I want the status to automatically be “waiting” and I want it to be read-only unless the status in the child item is set to “complete.”

I hope that makes sense. For clarity’s sake:

  • If the child item’s status is “waiting” or “in progress”, the parent item’s status is automatically set to “waiting” and it cannot be changed.
  • If the child item’s status is “complete”, the parent item’s status is editable.

I am not looking for complete instructions, but pointers to resources would be appreciated.

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